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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on October 11, 1999 at 18:34:47:

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(ignoring the temptation to respond to the usual ad hominens)

: SDF: A rather tenuous attempt to dodge the central issue that Stoller was trying to discuss -- the notion that labor is social labor, that all of us, working together, create a society with....


If this was Stollers' point then why not actually make it, rather than post an aparent musing about sportsman comparisons. Putting words in posts?

: As I said above, if it increases your self-esteem to avoid serious discussion, then it must be good for your education, right?

It certainly suits your worldview to imagine anyone who isnt lap-dog agreeable as fitting the above characterisation.

: SDF: The state has the overwhelming support of the many? That's what you say above.

How else would it be as it is? Do you really have that fantasy that 99% of people are sheep except the horrid capitalists and ofcourse perceptive you? That said horrid capitalists are 'in control' of everyones lives and decisions and that said masses are really against it all, but their just so darned oppressed they havent quite got their mass class consiousness operative yet?

Same goes for libertarians who believe the vast majority want less government - sure millions do, sure people are influenced by political chit chat, promises and coke adverts - but this is not a 60's thriller TV series - ultimately they (the many) agree/tolerate it because they prefer that to doing whatever it would take to change things,a nd the source of that preferences does not lie with the machinations of an "elite" class, even as they influence it they overestimate their power. Observe totalitarian states life expectancies in recent history, how even China has to continually give economic freedoms in order to keep it together.

: SDF: If your neighbors have guns they can shoot you.

Hence you do well to have one too. doesnt matter, they might have pitchforks, get yourself one. Was there a point here? Were you attempting to show that neighbours are as dangerous as governments?

: SDF: Maybe because it didn't sweep the globe.

Think further - why didnt it sweep the globe? Those pesky *minority* capitalists? No, because those who could have rebelled chose not to have it.

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