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Hardly realistic but definitely hysterical

Posted by: Quincunx on October 13, 1999 at 12:27:20:

In Reply to: Hardly consistant socialism or anarchism. posted by Lark on October 11, 1999 at 15:33:56:

L: Sure, I can't understand QX's position, what does it benefit his positon to reinforce the slanders and prejudice of anti-catholicism?

Qx: How about reality in which real people withi real institutions implement real policies that affect real people for purposes of the cultural extinquishment of ways of life. The Catholic Church (*hint- Catholic means universal doesn't it?) claims to be universal and hence applicable to all peoples worldwide. Now that is globalization in it's crudest form.

In order to implement that institutionalized belief mission schools were formed in so many places and what do you get? A bunch of men ostensibly claimng celibacy dressed in robes (or dresses) holding dominance over lots of little kids. That is recorded fact. Not "slander" and "prejudice" as you would like to paint it up to be.

BTW, you've done nothing much more than go into denial mode and you haven't even critiqued the URL hyperlinks I've provided. I wonder why.

L: Hardly consistant socialism or anarchism.

Qx: Facing reality is definitely in accordance with "socialist" and "anarchist" principles Lark.

L: Anti-clericism fine, but the "church" and the Church bureucracy and management are two different things.

Qx: Except when one looks at what the Vatican does with the money they've sucked up over the years. This money came from the "church" and if you want to to keep on talking about revolution then you had better start with the Catholic Church. Meanwhile, where I'm at there's enough of a groundswell amongst a number of people to push for Catholic priests to declare themselves as agents of a foreign power (*hint: the Vatican is a sovereign power is it not?) and for the Catholic church to hand over it's land holdings.

To sum it up, superstition breeds compliance and with that compliance a lot of financing is made possible. With that financing abuses are bound to occur and they have and they will continue as long as people continue to be sheeple. Comprende? This is what patriarchal religion does to a fine tune and it just may continue with new religions.

P.S.: I was ready to take the boots to Christian fundamentalism but Nikhil had to place the Catholic hockey puck in the way. It looks like both got shot into the net of reality. However, I do feel that both of you have your hearts in the right place but it's an error to think established religion will save that day.

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