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Gee's Temper Tantrum

Posted by: Quincunx on October 13, 1999 at 12:34:04:

In Reply to: gameplay and forum economics posted by Gee on September 09, 1999 at 11:29:39:

: (this may also be relavent to other posters in general)

: : SDF: Your responses to discussions of substance have mostly dodged the subject matter being discussed in any thread

G: They havent SDF, this is the way you have chosen to see it. Having any kind of discussion with you is difficult (as Joel Jacobson noted once) because you cannot see disagreement as anything other than 'dodging'.

Qx: Actually, Gee, what yu have done so much indeed is to dodge and hide behind a shield of phrases. besides, why domyou think Jacobsen is no longer here. I called him on his dodging and he couldn't handle it much after that.

G: Ive noted this between you and other posters too. Its nothing more than arrogance, your major post is often interesting and worth discussing but the further into the thread you go the more it becomes a spiral into condescension and presumptiousness evidenced here.

Qx: Poor Gee. Instead of really showing evidence he instead has gotten angry and accused SDF (and probably me too!) of such heinous offenses. If anything Gee reflects the ugliness of petty bourgoius pretension from the Victorian era. There's nothing new about this except for the medium in which tis debate occurs. Even then the Internet is not a capitalist creation.

G:You need to recognise that providing a link to some data does not mean the evidence is without criticisms and alternative data / interpretation,

Qx: Yeah! Bring on the Fibertatian geniuses of rhetorical bile to counter material reality.

G: that running through a theoretical model of behaviour does not 'prove' one system or another wont work -

Qx: Actualy, it serves to debunk some of the stuff you've been hyperlinking to and quite well so why don;t you admit that you're wrong? Is it because of entrepreneurial dekusions that you continue?

G: then you will be able to perceive disagreement without the notion that it must be 'dodging' a 'truth' you consider whole.

Qx: We've been dealing with your kind for a long time and we know a dodger when we see one. Gee....you're a dodger. Period.

G: The amount of posts I write is testament to the quality of posters and posting on this forum.

Qx: Hmmmm.......confusing quantity with quality. Not too good.

: : SDF: How about if I do to this BBS like you've been doing (only in your threads, apologies to McSpotlight, this will be over soon). From now on I will merely mock you, and we can see by my caricature how meaningless you've been,

G: This will utterly fail to demonstrate what you believe it would demonstrate. It seems your perception of 'whats happening' is far removed.

Qx: Actually, Gee it's been quite evident that your "perception is basically the perception of neo-classical economics and the people who promote that delusional, magical thinking and that's hardly based on the realities of material life."

G: Ofcourse you are free to spend your time undertaking such gameplay, it will serve no purpose other than to satisfy whatever need you feel.

Qx: There's not too much gameplay here Gee. You've taken the side of the rich and therefore it's necessary to debunk your heinous arguments.

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