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Anyone more interesting to debate with around here? (better draft)

Posted by: Stoller on October 13, 1999 at 16:12:08:

In Reply to: Someday you'll be old and disillusioned posted by Stuart Gort on October 13, 1999 at 12:57:34:

Looks like Comrade Tweedledee and Comrade Tweedledum were not able to rescue your sinking argument.

And what is that sinking argument?

: Half of the businesses in this country employ less than 20 people. Those businesses employ a full 20% of the work force. Sorry if numbers like 50% and 20% seem anecdotal to you but none of these businesses can function at all utilizing the practices [skill, variety of skills, and the higher wages they would command] you just described.

Exactly. That's why 'those businesses' have to go! Mindless repetition of simple, discrete tasks is why your productivity is so high---and why your workers are 'worth' so little! TINA ('There is no alternative') is simply the voice of the status quo capitalists defending the degrading work conditions that produce their profits.

: I wish you were around during the 17 years I worked for someone else...

I will not listen to your rambling anecdotes. Do I force mine on you? What could any of them prove? It's what the majority of people experience that counts. Or at least in a democracy, it's supposed to be...

: If I take unpaid labor, I'm stealing from the proletariat. Well my employees and I made a deal.

You haven't heard any thing I've said in the last several posts have you?

The 'deal' is predicated upon the employee's lack of ownership of anything except his or her labor power. If 'employees' owned some the means of production, they wouldn't give you the time of the day. They’d work for themselves. Is this concept really all that difficult to grasp?

: Freedom means doing as you please in this matter...

Freedom to or freedom from? Your freedom---to extract as much surplus from your workers as possible---is what oppilates their freedom to be the same 'success' as you!

: Refute the facts of my post or lose this argument, Barry.

You lost the argument several posts ago, Stuart. You just don't know it.

Anyone more interesting to debate with around here?

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