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The only 'conflict' is your unwillingness to admit that you're wrong

Posted by: Stoller on October 14, 1999 at 16:06:18:

In Reply to: it shows conflicting data exists. posted by Gee on October 13, 1999 at 20:23:17:

: : : That's why its useful to check with the semi-regular federal reserve research, such as the 1995 data showing that that the net worth of those at the bottom end of the income scale have massively increased since 1989 -- by as much as 200 percent.

: : What is this?

: It shows that your New York Times article is just another set of data in a field which produces conflicting and contradictory data constantly. Why believe one over the other?

Why believe a recent New York Times article 'over' unsubstantiated numbers you just generated out of thin air?

: : Do you have a memory problem? Or are you like Ronald Reagan---confident that your repeated falsehoods will eventually stick?

: No, i remembered your NY article and your own criticism of other data confirms the problem outlined above. Which is accurate? You have to pull apart *every* study's methodology, and you will find that each is with weaknesses.

That's lame, mister.

Let's see you substantiate your new claims that the rich are poorer and the poor are richer than they used to be.

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