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As an ardent beleiver in freedom of speech I believe you should be allowed to hate but dont ever think of acting on it.

Posted by: Lark on October 14, 1999 at 16:42:18:

In Reply to: 'I hate not only the rich but everyone who has one dollar more than I do' posted by Frenchy on October 12, 1999 at 12:38:14:

: : I can't understand how some people revel in the apparent increase in the amount of wealth people.

: : I relative terms it's the opposite that's happening I mean would anyone suggest that the more millionaires there are the less poor there are going to be?

: : For someone to acquire wealthy status, power, elite position etc. there must always be someone in non-wealthy status, subordinate, common position.

: : So what are these posts reveling in the raising of people about? Is it a kinde of it could be you mentality like the Lottery, I'll bet it is in the casino economy.

: Congratulations Lark! You've just passed the Socialist/Communist/Greens
: "I hate not only the rich but everyone who has one dollar more than I do" test.

I dont hate anyone. My life is relatively hate free, those who I do hate are not some abstract notion but individuals who have treated me with contempt or violence and in most instances are known to me by name.

I think your very cynical about anyone who's remotely free thinking and egalitarian, hang around and learn.

: Passing this test with flying colors entitles you to a life time of spending your most productive years waiting for the economic collapse of Capitalism, preferably with the simultaneous collapse of Representative Democracies.

Indeed and the creation of minarchy, participatory democracy, equality and liberty for all!!!!

:Not only this, but you are entitled, as well, to never again eat meat, dress in sackcloth and ashes, wail and gnash teeth at the thought of people in third world despotships starving for the sake of Marsism/Leninism, and otherwise carry on like a teenager filled with unbearable angst.

That sounds a bit pathetic to me what am I some kind of uneduacted moralist? Some religious Marxist? What do you take me for, read my posts, idiot.

: In the meantime, I'm going to see if my stockbroker has another hot tip. Right after I make a run to McDonalds for a double cheese-burger.

Well your days are numbered with such an unhealthy diet and stressful, high risk lifestyle choice.

: --
: McSpotlight: Frenchy, do you actually have anything *useful* to say? It's clear that you're on the Cap. side of the debate; well and good; but do you have anything positive to contribute to it; or is your sole method of arguing to sit on the sidelines and jeer at those engaged in real debate?

That seems right but then what would Capitalism and Capitalist charades democracy amount to if their where no progressives to put down?

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