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Aside from the ideology, when we look at the facts

Posted by: Lark on October 14, 1999 at 16:44:34:

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Clever rethoric and it no doubt impresses those who want to hear it, the masses of business men who seem to be wired online, this type of ideology that insists that not only is selfish acquisition of wealth and materialism the prevailing mode and therefore rational (one dimensional thought anyone?) also addresses any guilt or "heart burn" the capitalist maybe feeling by making their activities seem like a moral crusade and righteousness.

Aside from the ideology, when we look at the facts, what happened in the eighties, what these supposed anti-state theorists allowed to happen, was an authoritarian state putsch and the rule and enarmourment of the privileged.

The fact is this type of stuff makes good reading it simply isnt true, the so called anti-statists, Thatcher, Regan, Pinochet all expanded the military and worthless drain on resources, repressed trade unions and communities through unprovoked violence. In the case of Thatcher public expenditure exploded, QANGOS (Quasi-Autonomous None Governmental Organisations) which where, and are, not democratically accountable expanded and appeared everywhere, the problems of bad services where not addressed merely privatised, they still persist and Conservative politicians "surprisingly" appeared as directors and CEO's of the privatised utilities, claimed incredible wages for a few years and then left without changing a thing.

Socialism or rather the Labourism that was accused of creating inflation prior to Thatcher should be exhonorated by the fact that inflation increased under Thatcher.

Then take Pinochet he simply executed, as a libertarian would like, everyone who disagreed with him.

There's one good thing about the whole article though and it is that "libertarians", rather wealth obsessed capitalists, are still afraid of socialism, they havent been able to see that the Soviet Union was just one example of Socialism, just as there is FDR New Deal Capitalism, Regan Capitalism, Phinochet Capitalism, Hitler capitalism, and therefore have never really tryed to understand or oppose socialism.

That means we'll be back shortly.

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