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forget lenin

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on October 14, 1999 at 17:34:06:

In Reply to: It's like debating a car with no driver (better draft) posted by Stoller on October 14, 1999 at 16:05:17:

: : : Two words: job rotation. According to Marx---and Lenin---everyone should 'administer.'

: : How about - no one administers other peoples lives? from where does the right to do so come from, and how is such administration to be enforced with those who disagree with it?

: The authority will come from the proletariat. The proletariat will be organized by---and answerable to---the Party until all the capitalists have been eradicated. The proletariat is 'everyone'---after the capitalists have had their capital-producing property confiscated. Then class tensions will be resolved. See Lenin's Revolution and the State for more details; just because his vision did not prevail in no way negates its soundness.

I can see why SDF wrote 'forget lenin', clearly i'm underestimating him in some areas.

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