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oh them.

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on October 14, 1999 at 17:34:39:

In Reply to: What about the Hitlers in the boardrooms? posted by Lark on October 14, 1999 at 16:45:28:

: Hence but do you wish to triumph the cynical or dare to imagine?

Imagine is nice Lark, but if it real we have to deal with that.

: Alternatives? They sound very much like the current sham Gee, What about the Hitlers in the boardrooms? And any "anarcho" Capitalist alternative is going to suffer from this equally too, dont you realise this?

Lark, shall we challenge our anarchist dreams on both sides of the property fence, even as we despair at the role of political authority?

I'm opening up the discussion.

: I dont think it's that awful but you probubly see it in the sense of some kind of militery style disciplined reward and punish Stalinism, where as I do not.

I dont think it needs to get to that Lark, I think being dictated to by the village council is tyranny too.

: So your no longer in favour of liberty then? This anti-statism is hollow is it?

I'm saying - look at history, not a pretty picture for liberty huh? But adding 'things are (too) slowly getting better'

: Of course freedom without socialism is compulsion and privilege, Socialism without freedom is Slavery and Brutality. Vigilance is required there are a lot of immature and "statist" proponents of socialism that require correcting.

Same with AC or any system - liberty in any manifest must be gaurded with 'eternal vigilance'

: I'm pretty sure now that I havent engaged in the criticism of property and individualism you discribe, it's very, very general to assume these coneptts serve your purposes and it stacks the deck against me, for instance, to imply they have no place in my ideas of right.

You arent a nationalist socialist, thats for sure.

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