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A monster

Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on October 15, 1999 at 12:34:05:

In Reply to: Less ambivalent words posted by Stoller on October 14, 1999 at 17:33:16:

: '[R]evolution is impossible without a nation-wide crisis (affecting both the exploited and the exploiters).'
: ---Lenin.

: Let us again consider the axiom that 'the distinction between the beneficiaries and victims of capitalism has become less clear.' I think this is true at present. But what is the present? Public opinion is not inflexible. A war, a recession, the two back-to-back, such events have dramatic results.

: Recall the era 1966 through 1974. Many posters here, in their twenties, probably are not aware that Nixon's downfall was predicated upon a seriously failing economy. Imagine such economic woes magnified by the severity of the Great Crash! Imagine an even larger war occurring at the same time!

: One would be foolish to discount such possibilities.

: Then, returning to the global picture, let us not discount the fact that capital is presently importing the very conditions that create capitalism's gravedigger (large population of immiserated proletarians).

: I'm not all that discouraged...

Go ahead and spend your days hoping for war, pestilence, and recession, Barry. Recognize that this characterizes you as just about as far as one can get from true altruism. Also reflect on the immense successes that all previous revolutions have enjoyed at ushering in their ostensible goals. Count the dead bodies and ruined lives and smile in gleeful anticipation of the next catastrophy. What a monster is one who hopes for clamity in order to realize his agenda.

What a shameless monster.

Stuart Gort

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