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Posted by: Stoller on October 15, 1999 at 12:35:02:

In Reply to: It just shows how omitted facts can really make a difference. posted by David on October 14, 1999 at 16:21:52:

: I do not expect you to provide [facts and figures] for me, I have my own almanac and I can always go to the public library to check out statistical abstracts.

Then it may very well be interesting to debate with you.

: : At this time, libraries and other public institutions are conspicuously underfunded...

: Do you mind if I quote you next time I attack public works and public funded institutions?

I'm not defending the capitalist welfare state! I simply meant that I support the idea that public works should be quality. That's why I am a communist, after all.

: There is nothing wrong with the contracting of labor. The workers were paid accordingly for their services by the company.

Please see any of my many tedious posts with Stuart Gort. Imagine you are him. Read my responses accordingly.

: It seems that you think that the worker should be paid every single penny of profit earned because it is they who contribute the labor. What then, should those the provide the machinery and risk be paid? Obviously without factory with the proper machinery a worker cannot produce a car efficiently, no matter how skilled.

A higher level of dialogue! Good.

As Marx put it so forcefully in his Critique of the Gotha Programme, the worker can never receive all the surplus generated by his or her work. There must be a secondary fund for enlargement (which would include the collective'risk'), insurance, those unable to work, etc. But---and here's the main point---the worker and not the capitalist should be making these determinations.

And of course, that vampire part of the surplus---the capitalist's profit---would also be in the collective worker's hand.

But I suspect you knew that.

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