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No working class? Are you serious?

Posted by: Stoller on October 15, 1999 at 12:36:34:

In Reply to: If everyone hadn't some idealic vision of freedom they'd be willing to sacrifice nothing posted by Lark on October 14, 1999 at 16:43:19:

: : Why should people go off somewhere and create a world for themselves when the world they live in is the world that they have worked so hard to create? Why retreat?---the capitalists will just come after the workers with leg irons anyway if they left.

: Not following this bit.

It's an important bit. What I mean is that if millions of people 'left' the capitalist economy and formed independent communities, then capitalism would attack them (under one pretense or another---like Waco perhaps). As it is now, few intentional communities are independent. The citizens of Twin Oaks, for example, are essentially 'out-sourced' Pier One employees...

And 'employees' have created all the wealth of the world. Why leave it to start over again? Starting an intentional community is a vast expenditure of land and means of production---guess who profits!

: Well I am a Socialist and I generally dont see anything great about the workingclass at all, most marxists etc. think the workingclass are a bunch of saints, if they didn't revel in anti-intellectualism and facistic behaviour I'd see your point but since that's not the case I'll move to your next point.

WHAT? Without the working people, the great majority of the world's population, no significant change for the better can occur.

Are you advocating a private utopia? That's just advocating private property. And that has been the problem! Small property-holders (peasants) form strategic coalitions and---presto!---Standard Oil is born again.

: Away with these all hallowed bibles I tell you!

Am I to adopt random esoteria in their place?

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