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Here's why.

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: : Interesting take on Catholicism.

: Why interesting? I think this could be considered a take on the whole of Christianity too.

Interesting in the same way the Liberation Theology is interesting, except that in this case it is the atheist reaching out to Catholcism rather then the other way around.
In either case the two, Catholicism and Marxism (or atheism, if you prefer), are ultimatley incompatible.
In a macro sense the goals of Catholicism and Socialism have some similarities; social justice.
But the way this is arrived at is very different in both cases.
In the case of Catholicism, or Christianity, the way is perfectly shown by the actions of Jesus; personal committment.
In the case of Marxism/Socialism the way is through state coercion; higher taxes, confiscation of property, etc.

On the one hand the individual works for social justice in the way suited for him while on the other hand the state levels everyone and declares equality has been achieved.

The dissimilarities are greater though, than the similarities.

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