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Glad you linked back, doesnt make you look clever in the way you intend.


Herald Sun Victoria Feb12, 1999

Vicpol figures from June 98 till Feb 99 (less than 12 months)


Rape 1057 up 30.7%
Robbery 2035 up 14.8%
Abduction 216 up 37.6%
Assault 14628 up 9.4%


Crime against person 23051 up 7.7%
Crime against property 226140 up 3.4%
Drug Offences 11412 up 5.3%
Other 23172 up 10.4%

Total 283775 up 4.3%

Now, we can all pretend its the weather, economic changes and so firth - but ofcourse what we should really do it try to isolate significant changes between previous stats and this years stats, the gun ban is one such factor.

But fear not Barry because one simply cant prove it as a causal link, there will always be other factors to obscure the gun factor, and general trends (pick any range which supports you best) to 'show' how little impact its really made and all that.

Thats why I am linking this to demonstrate. Septimus was right on that one.

: Oh, never mind, there's a web address to the N.R.A. to look at.

And presumably if someone from that evil NRA were to state that if one placed 2 oranges in a bowl with 2 other oranges there would be 4 in total, then it would be bourgious propoganda too.

Study the argument, not just the source.

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