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I agree!

Posted by: borg on October 15, 1999 at 16:27:52:

In Reply to: Black Market Socialism posted by Lark on October 14, 1999 at 16:46:45:

: I love the blackmarket, this weekend I got to buy eight playstation games at a fiver each instead of that 30 or 40 pound shite they, the profiteering capitalist corps etc., try to palm it off for.

: I mean getting produce for what it's worth rather than some invented shit and fuking the corps profits and the mugs who buy from them along the way, what could be better?

The black market is a free market...everywhere...and if that's
socialism, I'm a socialist.

And in that kind of transaction we see the difference between
capitalism sanctioned by the state and the free unsanctioned market.

To hell with the corporate state.


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