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Check out the articles of the Army.

Posted by: David ( USA ) on October 16, 1999 at 11:40:01:

In Reply to: Title 10, Section 311.. posted by ND on October 15, 1999 at 13:28:46:

: : It galls me be treated like
: : : a criminal in order to get a "permit" to exercise a Constitutional right,
: : : but I may end up doing so, rather than have our Boys in Beige lock me up
: : : should I ever have to defend myself.)

: : Actually, you don't have the Constitutional right to bear arms. No Federal court has ever upheld this as a right. Look it up.

: If used only involving the militia "right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" there is a Constitutional right.
: Technically, due to US Code..uhh... ahh.. Title 10, Section 311.. *all* males 17 and over, and all females in the National Guard are members of the "militia." So, if just pursuant to the militia, those people (a large number) do, in fact, have the right to bear arms.

Check out the articles of the Army. You will find that it is in fact the duty of every citizen to bear arms comparable with standard military issue to defend against invaders.

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