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I admit my spelling is atrocious. Mea Culpa,

Posted by: Frenchy on October 18, 1999 at 10:45:02:

In Reply to: Ooooh, it's Mr. Troll... I'm scaaared! posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on October 17, 1999 at 17:36:00:

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: : It's really not a question of being free from capitalists but rather a visceral envy on the part of Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Greens towards people more able then they themselves are.

: SDF: I'm sure the lumping together of people with completely different beliefs ("Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Greens") like some modern version of Archie Bunker, appeals to people like Frenchy/Nazis/Fascists/Assholes. In "Liberals," of course, you'd have to put billionaires like George Soros and Ted Turner, I'm sure they're envious of "people more able then (sic) they themselves are," they're doubtless at least envious of Frenchy's ability to misspell "than".

: : There are some people who have the capacity to lead, create, take risks and if they fail, try again.

: SDF: Frenchy means, like the teenage girls who work for Nike...real entrepreneurs, every one of 'em.

: : Since not every person has this capacity not all persons will be rewarded to the same degree.

: SDF: Frenchy has this fantasy that, since we want something other than capitalist competition, that we're not ourselves capitalist competitors.

Name me another system where entrepreneurs are central.

: : Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Greens know deep down that they will always be second fiddle to the entrepreuner.

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: : McSpotlight: Isn't that a bit of a generalization?

Why is that? I have in mind politicos like FDR and the beginings of American style socialism. Soros and Turner can do whatever they like with the money they earned for the simple reason that it is their money. Just like Carnegy built public libraries through out America around the turn of the century with his money, Turner is absolutely free to build a thousand soup kitchens if he wants to, or abortion clinics.
It's his own money, not the tax-payers and specifically not mine.
Another Liberal with good intentions was Johnston. Remember the War on Poverty?
Who won, us or poverty?
That's what I'm talking about when I take the time to write Liberal/Socialist/Communist/Greens. It is a long moniker, but in many ways accurate. Lisocomg's may be an alternative to all those letters and slants.

: SDF: Yes, but then you see that Frenchy claims to know all of our life histories.

Uhh, care to back that up with facts?

By the way Sam, you never answered my question about what branch of the service you were in. And come to think of it you owe me a story.
(By the way, telling that last one brought back a detail, a funny one. On our last pass over the Godless Commie Bastard's Guided Missle Cruiser, one of the guys suggested to the pilot that we open bomb-bay doors. Sheeesh, military humor!.....OK, your turn.)

Hey! You also never answered my question about how many people you employ!
Hiding something?

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