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Reagan was a fascist. And a homophobe. And a wifebeater. And...

Posted by: Frenchy on October 18, 1999 at 14:37:14:

In Reply to: The opposite of Anti-Fascism is....? posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on October 17, 1999 at 17:54:26:

: yes, he got rid of those things, didn't he. but at what cost? At the cost of 30,000 dead Nicaraguans; 70,000 dead Salvadorans; 250,000 dead Guatemalans. All the victims of Reagan's plans to make the hemisphere safe for capitalism.

Actually these things were the result of Castro's policy of exporting his revolution to other Latin countries. His policy backfired and, judging by the disaster's of Pol Pot et al, we got off lightly at 350,000 dead (I'm accepting your figures at face value, only for the sake of this thread. I'm sure you wouldn't use inflated figures provided by Lefties...).

Let's not forget the Cuban kids suffering from vitmin deficiencies because of his trade embargo,

Hold on gringo, Canada and the Scandinavian countries and Europe and S. American countries and socialist countries all trade with Cuba. Fidel can't get those things necessary to make life a worker's paradise from any of those other sources? C'mon. Do I look like I fell off the turnip wagon yesterday? The problem lies with socialism, not with Reagan. Remember the Marial Boatlift?

: or the lonely homeless living out their squalid lives on any major American city;

Take some into your house, or your apartment, or put some in your daddies garage. He'll love you for that, hehehehe

: or the Chilean dissidents murdered by Reagan's ally;

Guilt by association....non starter.....

: or the Iranian civilians shot down by the USS Vincennes.

...during a time of war, as you may or may not recall. What would you have done in a similar circumstance?

: Ironically, even Mr. Reagan's beloved state of texas may soon suffer for Reagan's environmental idiocy (not that I'm a Green or anything). Global warming has made tropical diseases fidn a new home in a warmer America; and for the first time, dengue fever is making its way north of the Rio Grande. Shouldn't be long before malaria and childhood diarrhea follow.

God, you guys are priceless. Global warming is now Reagan's fault.
The damn world has been warming and cooling for millions of years but forget that. Ice Ages? Reagan's fault. Tornadoes? Reagan's fault. Earthquakes? .....yadda, yadda, yadda.
The problem with using junk science in the name of political correctness is the same as the boy who cried wolf; after a while even legitimate scientific conclusions are suspect, thanks to the idiocy of using science to further political goals. The Spirit of Lysenko is alive and well in the ranks of the loony left.

: Why don't you tell all these folks how good Reagan was? By the way, the 'Berlin Wall' was officially the Antifascist Protection Barrier. Guess what that makes Reagan, who was according to you 'responsible' for taking it down?

Let me guess...uhh, let's see,....fascist?

: What is the opposite of anti-fascism, Frenchy?


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