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Sanctimonious monopoly of force

Posted by: Barry Stoller on October 18, 1999 at 14:38:20:

In Reply to: Blood in the Streets. posted by borg on October 17, 1999 at 17:32:55:

There is only one true democracy where 1 unit of currency is one vote. Any other view is delusional and largely an Emotionally-Derived Belief System.

Ever stop to wonder why votes have to be mediated by some material marker? One dollar = one vote is a bit like saying one machine gun = one vote. Is this really democracy---or just a dictatorship wrapped in sanctimonious prose?

No, it's true democracy wrapped in reality and not obfuscation.

The reason I used the metaphor of the machine gun was to emphasize the fact that behind every dollar (property relation) stands the state ready to defend it. The 'gold standard' of property relations---the 'back up'---is, in fact, the machine gun (etc.).

To not understand the difference between a machine gun and a dollar will bring much blood in the streets. But that's really what you're about, isn't it.

I think I do understand the 'difference.' As I said above, force protects the existing property relations.

I say 'existing' because I anticipate the day property relations will be challenged.

As Trotsky pointed out:

[I]n every 'normally' functioning government, regardless of its form, the monopoly of violence and repressions belong to the ruling power.(1)

So what I'm 'about' is actually the same as what you're 'about.'

You want the existing state to defend property relations as they already are, and I want a new state to change property relations---and then defend that new status quo.

My stance only seems radical---or 'violent' (as your hysterical expression 'blood in the streets' implies)---because you have forgotten that your property relations were established hundreds of years ago. They were no less upsetting, illegal, or bloody in the eyes of the English royalty who were dispossessed of their property---and their monopoly of force---during the American Revolution.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that your current property relations require any less force than the property relations I advocate.

Indeed, as I advocate a society where the majority rule (and own the means of production) instead of the minority, I am confident in saying that the property relations of the socialist future will require far less force than property relations require today under the boot of bourgeois 'law.'

1. Trotsky, Address to the Court of the Tsar, 1906, Leon Trotsky Speaks, Pathfinder 1972, p. 19.

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