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You want to create a better society?

Posted by: Frenchy on October 18, 1999 at 18:35:57:

In Reply to: Afraid so McSpot posted by Stuart Gort on October 18, 1999 at 16:09:57:

: As is, we run one of the freest and most equal moderated forums I've ever seen; and I say that having seen quite a few. Especially given the contentious nature of the subject under debate.

: Note: I'm not looking for anyone to leap to my defence here, either; these Debating Rooms are non-partisan and need no-one to defend them; as we're perfectly capable of speaking up for ourselves, as I hope we've demonstrated.

: Rex, McSpotlight.

How many lives has that *one* statement cost MacSpotlight?

Look, you said yourself that this is a contentious topic. Strong feelings on both side surface.

I've offered my solution a couple of time; If you see a homeless man, take him into your own damn home, I resent the FFFF out of subsidising him. If that decreases my humanity in the eyes of others, too bad, so sad.
You want to create a better society? You want to talk about the "...possibilities of community..."? Fine. Do it on your dime.

By the way, did Samual Day Fassbinder put you up to this? He has a history of this sort of thing.'

McSpotlight: Well, thanks for that truly obnoxious little pile of dreck. It really makes my job as a moderator fun.

Did I say anything about "community"? No. What I said (in language as neutral as possible) was that the Debating Rooms were for debating in; and that our function as moderators was to sustain a free and equal debate.

If you really think that discussions about creating a better society are a waste of time and something we should do "on our own dime", then why in Hell's name are you here? Do you imagine yourself to have a perfect right to barge in anywhere and dictate the topic of conversation; to dictate what is and isn't acceptable here?

(as for "doing it on our own dime" - we pay for this forum, remember. We do it because we consider it to be a useful public service, but as Gee will happily point out, we have no obligation to do this.)

Finally, we'd like to take exception to your venomous little crack about SDF. If SDF tried to incite us to do anything of the sort, we'd tell him exactly where to go. The same goes for Barry, Lark, Borg, Stuart or Gee. This is not a place for personal abuse of any sort.

If you continue to post personal abuse thinly veiled as wisecracking, we will simply discard your posts. If you actually wish to take a part in the debate, fine. Even if you just wish to offer the occasional comment, fine. However, we do not and will not allow pointless personal abuse here; we've said so quite clearly - and your insinuations fall squarely into that category.

Grow up or go elsewhere, Frenchy.

Rex, McSpotlight

(posting this more in sorrow than in anger.)

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