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some hope after all....

Posted by: Frenchy on October 19, 1999 at 10:58:04:

In Reply to: Suckers during Gates posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on October 18, 1999 at 17:57:39:

: : Unix may be better than Windows, I'll ask around.
: : But if you think I'm going to scrap this thing after I paid for it your out of your Socialist mind.
: : Thanx for the pitch anyways.

: SDF: Maybe Gates should have charged Frenchy even more, so that Frenchy would feel even more committed to his purchase. If you want suckers to feel they got a good deal, charge 'em a lot.

Ahhh, perhaps you aren't a total waste after all citizen Fassbinder; it seems that you do have a renegade Capitalist gene or two that have survived years of Marxist indoctrination.

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