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Notes from Che

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on October 20, 1999 at 01:02:30:

In Reply to: Brainwashed... posted by Frenchy on October 19, 1999 at 18:22:59:

From Message to the Tricontinental:

. "Let us sum up our hopes for victory: total destruction of imperialism by eliminating its firmest bulwark: the oppression exercised by the United States of America. To carry out, as a tactical method, the peoples' gradual liberation, one by one or in groups; driving the enemy into a difficult fight away from its own territory; dismantling all its sustenance bases, that is, its dependant territories.

. This means a long war. And, once more we repeat it, a cruel war. Let no one fool himself at the outstart and let no one hesitate to start out for fear of the consequences it may bring to his people. It is almost our sole hope for victory. We cannot elude the call of this hour. Vietnam is pointing it out with its endless lesson of heroism, its tragic and everyday lesson of struggle and death for the attainment of final victory."

End quote. Too bad McSpotlight was not around to chastise this noisome little fellow. Although, to be fair:

"People must see clearly the futility of maintaining the fight for social goals within the framework of civil debate." This, in his Guerrilla Warfare, was what would signal the green light for armed struggle.

In that vein, however pointless the discussion might seem at times to the various parties here ... let the debates continue.

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