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Ignorance and the fuzziest of thinking

Posted by: Loudon Head on October 20, 1999 at 01:05:13:

In Reply to: A free-marketeer defending a monopoly? posted by Farinata on October 19, 1999 at 14:22:10:

: Except that the 'net runs on Unix (or the vast majority of it does)

Ah, so Unix must be a competitor of Microsoft. And, if there's a competitor, then Microsoft must not be a monopoly after all. I'm glad that's cleared up.

: Isn't there something rather ironic about a follower of the free market defending an obvious monopoly like Microsoft?

Oh no. Microsoft is a monopoly after all? I'm so confused.

: The more people you have looking at code, the more likely you are to find bugs and fix them. Linux has ten times as many people looking at bugs as Microsoft can ever afford;

Ah, sounds like yet another competitor of Microsoft is flourishing. So, Microsoft must not be a monopoly after all!

: And yet, as a free-market fan, you support a monopoly?

Um, wait a minute. Somebody's thinking here must be pretty fuzzy...

: "In an article originally published in Linux Journal (issue 46), Daryll Strauss, a software engineer at Digital Domain, describes the use of GNU/Linux in generating visual effects for the film Titanic.

Yikes! Here it is again! This same poster alternates between calling Microsoft a monopoly and asserting that competitors of Microsoft are flourishing.

Ah, to be a socialist again. Ignorance and the fuzziest of thinking were truly bliss...

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