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Choosing Between Old Coke or New Coke

Posted by: Stoller on October 20, 1999 at 20:44:06:

In Reply to: Horse puckey. posted by Frenchy on October 20, 1999 at 13:52:17:

: Is every person that you have ever met qualified for education beyond high school? It's beyond my understanding to propose that everyone is equally qualified for higher level activities such as running a country. It's analogous to saying that all males, given enough exposure to football, has the capacity to be as great a quarter back as Joe Montana. Do you believe that too?

Ah, biological determinism to the rescue!

We won't ever know if 'every person' is 'qualified' for education after high school---or not---until 1) high school actually prepares students for continued education; and 2) everyone can afford to attend. Until then, comparisons to Joe Montana are specious and irreverent.

: Is that your goal? That we all run our governments?

Would you rather just follow orders?

: If people are satisfied with the way things are going, in general, what's wrong with that?

If people are so 'satisfied' with the political process, why then does over half of the country boycott the elections? Voter rejection does not necessarily imply apathy---it might very well signal the not unreasonable assumption that there is no difference between old Coke and new Coke! When people get something other than Coke to vote for, no doubt they would want to make decisions that affect their lives. Especially because it's the vote in the work place that counts, not the vote outside of the work place that makes the biggest difference! What sort of democracy only transpires after work hours?

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