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Posted by: David ( USA ) on October 21, 1999 at 12:01:28:

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: : : Hi, Im new here and a student. I was wondering if someone could give me a "good" definition of capitalism for my US History class. my teacher instructed me to look up capitlaism on-line and I thought someone could tell me. I'm NOT looking for a debate of the meaning of capitalism, just a simple answer. Thank you, Heather

: DDN: Yes, unfortunately you have to be able to THINK in order to make good use of all this information, and this poor girl is not expected to think, encouraged to think, or even ALLOWED to think. We might as well hand her the most leftwinged, radical defintion of capitalism we can concoct and let her get an "F". No one gives a damn about her highschool history grade - not even her highschool. She'll graduate with all the other flunky, know-nothing, functional illiterates but be a little bit hipper with the anti-capitalist perspective we've given her.

True. Maybe I am just an optimist in hoping that it will perhaps stimulate some synapse connections.

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