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Posted by: Dr. Cruel on October 21, 1999 at 12:03:45:

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Rather than submitting such an essay, my own response would likely be a missive in favor of vouchers, which would more concretely introduce the NEA and its loyal cadre to the true nature of capitalism, dictionary definition or no. I would then cackle merrily.

This might be, of course, why I do so poorly* on essay tests.

The Evil One

(* I was tasked, in a mandatory "English" class quite obviously designed for the liberal indoctrination of college students, to write a paper on the effects of a nuclear weapons strike on a single city. I did so, in vivid prose and with a considerable attention to details. I then explained that, as these were obviously exceptionally powerful weapons, that they should be kept in large quantities and tested regularly for effectiveness, they being far superior to the more mundane conventional weaponry available. He went - and you must pardon the pun, you must - 'ballistic'. He circled the last paragraph in a big red felt pen, insisting that I see him after class.

In the subsequent 'discussion' that followed, although expressing profound disagreement with the content of my essay, he completely failed to find any fault with the structure or grammar of the piece. This point of fact, and this alone, compelled him to assign the grade of C+ - itself, an almost painful concession on his part.

I consider it my best work.)

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