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Hell, I don't know, just make it eaiser to use, ok?

Posted by: Frenchy on October 21, 1999 at 12:07:41:

In Reply to: Sweet dreams posted by Farinata on October 21, 1999 at 01:15:49:

: : P.S. (This is called 'redirecting the argument'. In any case, Bill Gates has done wonderful things, has become a cad, and ought to be dealt with. Of course, the U.S. government is doing just that.

: Really? Are you suggesting that Bill G, alias Mr Arch-Capitalist, should be taken down a peg by the big evil nasty Government?

: : As to LINUX, as I've stated earlier, if it becomes worth my while, I'll certainly use it. Untill then, it's the nasty WIN 98 for me.)

: Fair enough. In the meanwhile, I'd recommend you don't do anything that the Government doesn't like on your Windows box, since they can look into your hard drive at will. Secondly, I'd recommend you don't put any financial data at all on your computer; as the Chaos Computer Club ably demonstrated, any financial data or programs you have on your Windows box are so insecure as to be breakable with a Web browser. At least, the choice is yours; either use financial software like Quicken, or use the 'net; but not both. Unless you want to have your bank account drained. Finally, I'd recommend you don't run any attachments that come to you via mail to a Windows box. Especially if they're in Word (.doc) or Excel (.xls) format. Unless, that is, you want a Melissa variant or a Laroux variant to trash your hard drive (due to the inherent insecurity of Windows).

: Macro viruses - only Windows PCs get them. There has never been a Linux or Unix macro virus.

: So, to summarize, don't do anything private on your Windows PC, don't put financial data on your PC and don't run any attachments you get on your Windows PC. Then you can be sure that any crashes you do get are just the fault of the crappy OS and not someone Out There crashing your PC for fun.

: Oh, and pray no-one ever infects you with Back Orifice 2000. If someone infects you with a Back Orifice client concealed in a Word or Excel macro, then final control of your PC will be permanently ceded to someone else; they can do anything they like to your PC; and you will have no power to stop them.

: Sweet dreams.

: Farinata.

I have to admit that I respect your computer smarts more then your political smarts.
I don't use this thing for any of those things you said. I recieve Email and my wife does to. I've told her to not open attachments unless she knows who they are from.
I type letters on my Windows...big computer user huh? I could've got by with a system that costs less then half of this one, still a Windows though.
The problem w/ linux and all the rest of 'em is that for the average computer user they are not user friendly, claims to the contrary notwithstanding.
The system that beats Bill Gates stroke of genius will be the system that becomes untuitively useable. Some combination of icons and symbols that can be somehow combined in different ways on the desk top.
Hell, I don't know, just make it eaiser to use, ok?

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