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Speedily Declining Standards Of Debate

Posted by: Lark on October 21, 1999 at 14:47:33:

I think that the presence of a bunch of patriotic windbags, not least of which is Frenchy, that have set upon this room recently have caused to debate to decline very speedily.

Here's a clue it is a good idea to consider your opponents ideas in good faith, that they are not simply brainwashed, idiots, victims of propaganda or simple (I think this is only common decency and a constructive critical empathy with their position wouldn't go a miss either, that way we wouldnt have so many people feeling they are being ignored and ready to "leap to the barricades" the minute an election doesnt go their way. Anyway it is the stuff of free politics and free politics is independent of system or ideology) and to post points that are considered opinions and may just move the debate forward.

A bit of background reading wouldnt go a miss because I dont honestly believe with the exception of the patriotic Centurions (Facists, Nazis or Stalinists) that anyone is advocating a private tyranny, that would be foolish, existing freedoms may be taken for granted but I think everyone recognises them as foundations for any change.

As it stands at present most of the posts seem to be attempts to slag each other of, accuse each other of violent inclinations or other kinds of defamation and libel which dont really qualify as debate at all. Indeed to read some peoples posts they arent trying to give a contrasting view but just post because they cant tolerate this view having space on the web. A kind of childish attempt to get the last word.

Finally if you enter a debate or conversation which authoritarian motives or a hatred for your opponent or the person your disagreeing with you are unlikely to convince them of your opinion are you?

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