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what are your definitions of politics

Posted by: sean mckernan ( ?, unsure ) on October 22, 1999 at 15:16:44:

In Reply to: Only fools tread posted by Frenchy on October 21, 1999 at 17:18:35:

: Only fools tread where angels fear to go. Welcome aboard!

frenchie thanks, i dont doubt foolishness its never far away,but perhaps its also bravery, or more likely being pushed, or even a reaction.

politics seem to be almost all reaction! i cant help it. i see all those people filling into McDonalds and i think my gawd those sheep they are all simply reacting to their horrible culture. i react to their reacting i react to their culture and so on...save the bomb... ban the schools...fish the forests...

my emotions rule me!...my hand - yes another petition...
...my feet - yes walk for hunger...my computer - where are those bastard right wing web addresses...

you know i love the quiteness of stillness, i love not having to take on the pain of the world, not having to be so angry about the pain in the world, not being screwed up by not being able to sort out my own pain never mind anyone elses,i love being able to meet a english person and being free to like them.

politics is evewrything? right? its like, how we choose to do things, the way we do them, and the reasons why we do them. from goverments to food-coops, and friends to those we hate.

our emotions a political jeez us i hate that - how i react is determined by my cultural conditioning its as bad as - i am only as much as my genes allow me to be! damm and blast!

i cant think any more so can anyone help me? what are your definitions of politics, i need to understand its nature a bit better - so that i csn forget it! seeya.

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