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A no-brainer.

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on October 23, 1999 at 02:32:15:

In Reply to: A few quick answers. posted by Farinata on October 21, 1999 at 00:44:24:

LINUX is very robust supposedly (what I got from our local guru); BeOS was even better, but the owner was too full of himself to sell to Apple, so it's moribund.

LINUX also won't run WIN 9x games. This might have alot to do with the machinations of Microsoft, but it also has to do with the ubiquitous nature of WIN 9x, much of it coming about (hmm ... this sounds familiar) by it being offered free when it first came out. This is, after all, how Netscape got in the business of 'Net browsing.

Simple fix, Farinata - get WIN 9x games to run on LINUX or GNU. I have no pity, nor any particular loyalty to Microsoft (thus, "cruel"). When DOS got popular, I switched (not form the Mac, but from the Apple. Never liked Macs). I hated GUIs at first (and still rankle at not having the old BASIC compiler easily available); now I use them all the time. I'm learning UNIX because one needs to in order to be a system administrator. I can learn (whatever you might otherwise believe), and, being a capitalist, do so much more rapidly when it profits me directly. I'm sure Frenchy will agree.

Abusiveness is another matter. I cannot purchase products with abusiveness. Although watching you stomp your foot and wag your finger at me is entertaining for awhile, eventually I tire of you and do something more productive than attend to your whining fits. If you want me to be interested, and stay interested, make it worth it.

Bill Gates does. That (and not his capitalist credentials) is why he's rich. Call it "marketing", call it "exploitation", call it whatever you wish. McSpotlight does it (by providing a well designed, clean, good looking web page, and a solid, uncensored, non-crashing forum - all free of charge). I'm not a fan of Mr. Nader, but I read what he has to say and give his judgements deference (a good track record does wonders).

I'll look at this WINE deal. This, more than anything else you've said or shown, may have tipped me over to a trial. It might take me awhile, but I'm going to see exactly what all this hype is about.

"Doc" Cruel

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