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Curiosity killed the cat.

Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on October 25, 1999 at 01:09:55:

In Reply to: And let us know about piece work while you're at it (better draft) posted by Stoller on October 23, 1999 at 02:19:34:

: : May I take a try?

: If you're going to speak for Stuart Gort, how about letting us know whether or not it is true that he pays his employees by the piece?

: And seeing how you're so big on anecdotes, how about letting us know how you'd like it if YOU got paid by the piece?

Being certain of boisterous reprisal I'll bite out of utter curiosity to see what Barry makes of this. Mind you all, Barry will have no idea what amount of money my craftsmen actually make at the end of a good day's work or how many hours a good day's work actually is.

Here goes;

Yes, Barry. I pay them by the piece. Cross training them in every facet of the process and paying them only for their quality work resulted in a drastic improvement in efficieny, quality and morale. It also forces accountability in every person without me having to hover over them to see that they do their jobs properly. Their hours are completely flexible an most of them work four days a week. Their pay is linked directly to their motivation. It is determined their pay by their efficiency.

Stuart Gort

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