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Your pulling my leg, right?

Posted by: Frenchy on October 25, 1999 at 11:15:22:

In Reply to: Interesting! posted by Stoller on October 25, 1999 at 01:09:19:

: : How about rotating white-collar workers onto the job?

: YES! Trotsky himself would approve of that sentiment*(1) Let's see those white-collar guys---and the intellectuals---get their hands dirty, too! That's the spirit!
: _____

: * See Literature and Revolution [1924], Russell & Russell 1957, p. 11.

Don't you feel like you need to take a shower, thinking that way? It reeks of envy. God, I can't believe that your for real. Your pulling my leg, right? Let's pull everybody down, in the spirit of advancing Socialism!
Social diseases and Socialists prove they have one thing in common; both should be assiduously avoided.

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