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Posted by: Lark on October 26, 1999 at 16:20:23:

In Reply to: So in fact, communism leads to fascism. posted by DonS on October 26, 1999 at 10:56:27:

: Fascism is in fact very similar to communism.

OK facism is a system that enshrines the values of unbridaled competition and victory.

Communism is a system in which the free development of each is the precondition to the free development of all.

:Both communism and fasicism involve a powerful government that crushes the rights of individuals.

Facism's organisational principles revolve around the need for victory there is no other criteria by which to judge it, the flange, 'long live death' faction from the 1980's Italy, the 'political soldiers' and the World Churches and Klans of American White Power now shune the state infavour of 'leaderless resistance' (more ideas stolenc from the left).

Communism has a strange relationship with the state, some communists are completely anti-state, like Kropotkin, while others appear to favour at one moment a powerful central authority, Marx or Blanqui, and the next a federation of decentralised local administrations, Marx in his address on the commune.

:Fascism is worse, because it actually works.

In what way does it work? The facist axis lost the war, a war fought against the supposedly inferior democracies, this stands as an example of the complete unworkability of facism, by their own criteria, that is 'national victory' they have failed. Modern facism is actually liberalised facism because they seek an international consensus in racist or sectarian politics rather than the militant position of national war, victory and imperial dominance.

:Communism cannot work

Every functioning family unit is an example of successful communism.

:and folds into a fascist or quasi-fascist system, like in the PRC and former USSR.

Oh I see you are completely and utterly politically ignorant!! You no doubt have scrutinised primary sources on communist, written by communists themselves and not just secondary propagandist sources like neo-liberal "Reason" or the like? No, well fine.

:So in fact, communism leads to fascism.

Are you surprised that your simplistic ideological dogma has left me unconvinced?

: : This was said by Berthold Brecht, the famous Czech playwright, who had experience with capitalism, fascism, and communism. he escaped Nazi persecution in hsi native Czechoslovakia, then escaped McCarthy's persecution in America and sought political asylum in East Germany, where he ended his life.

: It is fitting that he ended his life after finding "political asylum" in East Germany.

And by this you mean?

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