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Neither do I

Posted by: MDG on October 26, 1999 at 16:55:50:

In Reply to: I don't think so posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on October 26, 1999 at 15:42:47:

:SDF: Victims of a conspiracy are precisely those whom the 4th and 5th amendments to the Constitution were designed to protect. I'd defend him on THAT basis.

MDG: Possible conspiracy -- we don't know that for a fact. What we do know is that he had a flawed trial and is therefore entitled to a new one. Let a properly conducted trial determine whether there was a conspiracy or not.

: : While I agree that Jamal deserves a new trial, given that his first was seriously flawed, this in no way equates with innocence. Were Jamal not well-spoken and telegenic, he would be ignored by Kovel and other activists as much as all the other poor, ill-spoken and shabby-looking black men on death row.

: SDF: Nonsense.

MDG: You are entitled to your opinion.

: : Let Kovel aspire to Congress, or even big city mayor. Jumping from an unknown to the Presidency is a tad unrealistic (perhaps Kovel should don tights and join the WWF as the Mean Green Fighting Machine; this is one proven road to office).

: SDF: Another defender of plutocracy? If you want to be President, you have to have access to the media machines to suck off of their free publicity, and only defenders of the media oligopolies can therefore be more than "unknowns". Anyone out there willing to challenge the system for the sake of DEMOCRACY?

MDG: Do you remember that episode of "The Odd Couple" when Felix wrote the word ASSUME in big letters on a chalk board? What makes you think I favor plutocracy? Heck, I spend half my life standing on a milk crate loudly denouncing the evils of plutocracy while I shrill wind blows in my face. My point is that the reality is, people don't go from non-office holder to President in this country (like it or not). Furthermore, I wouldn't vote for anyone who has not been tried and tested in office. Kovel seems like a decent enough fellow, but he might be crap as a leader and politician.

Then again, I voted for Nader...

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