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The Haunting

Posted by: Kweassa ( the Great March ) on October 27, 1999 at 00:55:50:

In Reply to: Response to Bill and Barry posted by MDG on October 26, 1999 at 16:06:58:

So I guess that means we are basically talking about 'the end of History' here, where the 'historical' concept of human progress ceases at this certain point which indicates 'capitalism', and all social forces and drives with profound potential suddenly becomes detached with realistic means of social change, destined to drift within minds of dreamers galore. Since history has already ended, there only remains "A"history.

History or "A"history?

How does it come to pass, that (self-proclaimed) "relevant, realistic, reasonable and 'historical' analyses" of the optimists of capital result in such "A"history? And the opposing views are considered as ones detached from reality and drifting away in little cyber-space debating rooms such as this one? How does it come to pass that many people genuinely believe in this?

Will the "REVOLUTION" with a capital "R" ever come? I don't know. To paraphrase the beheaded Louis, "Merde! I didn't see it coming". Maybe nobody will, maybe it won't come at all. But in anycase, it seems quite clear that apparently, history, has not yet ended.

Marxism is basically a theory which analyzes capitalism. If someone doesn't like it, that's fine. But as long as Capitalism is alive, and there remains in the world the inconsistencies which give weight to those theories of Marx, ultimately, no matter what one does, his ghost just will not cease to haunt the World.

More than a hundred years have passed since Marx died, many things have changed, but capitalism is still alive. Then, so is Marxism.

A ghost is haunting us, just as the ghost of communism once haunted Europe in 1848.

The haunting.

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