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It works well in the US and Japan and Europe today.

Posted by: DonS ( USA ) on October 27, 1999 at 00:59:33:

In Reply to: Nonsense posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on October 26, 1999 at 14:04:07:

: Unfortunately for your argument, communism can thrive in a democratic system, and has done so many times. Look at Kerala, Nicaragua, Chile, Guyana, Zimbabwe, or several other states.

Don: Sure. Communism thrived in Nicaragua until they had a free election, and then it was rejected. I hear communism is doing real well in Chile, too.

:None of these states crushed teh rights of idnividuals..

Don: The victims of the Sandistas found in mass graves would disagree with you.

:Tehy maintained political roigts like the right to free speech, free elections, freedom of religion, etcetera, and added to them social and economic rights. What about a capitalist system taht denies people their social and economic rights, e.g. the right to housing, education, leisure, food, medicine, a fulfilling job. You may not accept these rights, but for the vast majority of people in the vast majority of countries, tehy are absolutely fundamental. If you told a peasant in Brazil or India that the freedom to vote is more fundamental than the feredom to eat and be healthy, they would probably laugh at you.

Don: And I'm laughing at you right now--I fully believe in the freedom to eat and be healthy, it just can't be a RIGHT. And YOU don't seem to understand the difference.

: By teh way, in the United States teh range of choice in politics and the media is woefully narrow. is this also not a restriction on political rights?

Don: No.

: :Fascism is worse, because it actually works.

: Yes, as it worked brilliantly in Germany or all those South American countries which wnet fascist.

Don: It works well in the US and Japan and Europe today.

: Communism cannot work, and folds into a fascist or quasi-fascist system, like in the PRC and former USSR. So in fact, communism leads to fascism.
: :

: The USSR never went fascsist.

Don: The socialist system of the USSR failed, and the USSR became a fascist Russia.

:Plenty of communist regimes have 'worked', look agaoin at Kerala, Nicaragua, or Burkina Faso.

Don: Nicaragua didn't "work" long, and even then only with Soviet and Cuban support.

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