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The reason for the luddites

Posted by: Patricia Aitken nee Woodworth ( Home, New Zealand ) on October 28, 1999 at 12:19:39:

I was born in Huddersfield [Odinsfield] home of the luddites along with
Halifax Yorkshire, listening to the reasons for the luddite rebellion
from my father, CREATIVITY thats what it was all about, mass production
took away the creative cottage industries and made slaves or robots
out of humans, taking away the most precious of human endeavours
creative thought which gave meaning to human existence not the religous
crap which turned off peoples minds leaving them zombies for so long,
with the advent of the next millenium perhaps we can get back to that
creative endeavour called thought and not remain slaves or robots to a
supernatural being , [just a thought] Patricia Aitken nee woodworth.

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