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Posted by: MDG on October 28, 1999 at 17:54:19:

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One must be careful when one says he is an "environmental" lawyer.
It's like saying you're a labor lawyer; you can either represent one side of the issue, or the other. As an environmental lawyer, I could represent an oil company in its litigation against Greenpeace. Or, I can bring the suit against the company on behalf of Greenpeace. See what I mean? One way guarantees a good income, while the other guarantees a clear conscience. Bleeding heart leftist that I am, I've chosen the latter (which would explain my damn credit card bills).

In my case, I only work on cases involving the establishment of conservation practices to protect and preserve wetlands, highly erodible soil, wildlife habit, etc., on behalf of clients whose goal it is protect the environment. I'm confident that I'm doing the right thing.

: : Are you a scientifically trained ecologist, or an amateur one (such as myself)? For what it's worth, I'm an environmental lawyer (I work for the environment, not for corporate polluters, I must stress).

: How does the environment arrange your duties and paycheck?

: In other words - how can you be sure youre working in the interests of 'the environment' rather than for poeple who may, or may not, consider themselves to be in the interest of 'the environment'

: Genuine question

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