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You haven't read what you criticize

Posted by: Stoller on October 28, 1999 at 18:20:04:

In Reply to: Draw whatever conclusions you believe will comfort you the most. posted by Gee on October 28, 1999 at 16:35:25:

: Why do you think that 10% you speak of get into business owership? theyre not born into it.

Ah, the millionaire next door argument again. Even if it was correct---and you never proved it satisfactorily---you NEGLECT 90% of the population. And that's a lot to neglect.

: What it does point out is that value is not realised in its end-product use value until that organision, its design and the properties of the product were not developed by some people, and that these people 'getting reward according to work' are getting more reward.


: : Now it's quite obvious that you haven't even read the first volume of Capital.

: What obvious is that I'm not slavishly agreeing with it...

No---nobody who read even half of the first volume would ever call machinery variable capital without qualifying their statement in contradistinction to Marx.

In other words, you're bluffing.

: Without circulation the production is meaningless, only post circulation (upon *realization* of value) can anything meaningful be said about the production sphere creating value - the value is reliant, determined and actualizes only upon being traded and at no prior point.


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