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I am convinced that anyone who really wants an education can get it.

Posted by: DonS ( USA ) on October 29, 1999 at 11:02:00:

In Reply to: The Argument for Job Rotation posted by Barry Stoller on October 19, 1999 at 10:44:29:

: In the capitalist world, a different official line prevails.

: This line asserts that there 'just happens' to be 'someone for each job.' Those who 'end up,' say, doing unskilled work are considered those too stupid or too unambitious to do better. However, this process of selection is guaranteed by making higher education inaccessible (through exorbitant prices) to the majority of the population!

Don: My family didn't have the money to send me to a university, and I never finished high school. So I went to a local community college. From there, I got a Regents scholarship to UCSD, which paid for two years of schooling. It took me thee years--I used loans and various jobs to pay for the third year. Later, I went back to school for my masters. I worked my way through school while doing this. I am convinced that anyone who really wants an education can get it. Some may have to work harder than others--that's ok.

:In this way the labor market receives the unskilled labor it hungers for while the unskilled are said to 'get what they deserve' because, after all, they are unskilled.

: Yes, there 'just happens' to be 'someone for each job'---but this fortuity is regulated by the very market that benefits from its intervention.

: Which brings us back to cclaim that:


: There will be discovered to be some natures who ought to study philosophy and to be leaders in the State; and others who are not born to be philosophers, and are meant to be followers rather than leaders.(6)

: But now we see how the trick is done! The workers are prevented from learning skills, which conveniently 'proves' they should do the unskilled labor! Plus be denied the opportunity to govern themselves!

: Hence, the dire necessity for job rotation in all areas of social management.

Don: I suggest making a pro-wrestler governor of some state, or maybe some actor president. One thing we don't want to do is make an astronant a senator . . .

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