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Keep positive, it's just a web page

Posted by: Earth Person ( Unity, Australia ) on October 29, 1999 at 11:23:19:

Hi again friends

Don't worry about this debate too much or anything on the web, it's just more info and opinions.

I've noticed that most debating rooms and chat pages get crap placed on them all the time and plenty of stirrers. But is that bad? Should we take it that seriously? Yes and No.

There's some extremely well read people here and we can all learn a great deal. Thatís good. Thereís all the other great info about McD too. Weíre exchanging ideas and knowledge.

So itís ok. Weíre getting there as we speak, we canít push it, we move with it.

Donít get angry at people, it will get us no-where. "just ignore them"

Get to know your Neighbours, Local Council, Schools, Hospitals, Youth, Children, Aged. Start there. Built it up.

Imagine it, see it, aim at it, do it.

I donít care what you say or do. I hope you learn to give, like many here have.

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