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It's not the speed that bothers me about capitalism

Posted by: Lark on October 29, 1999 at 11:36:42:

In Reply to: indeed, so is the 'other' thing. posted by Gee on October 28, 1999 at 15:53:56:

: : My point being that I havent given a lot of thought to these economic studies because I think economics is readily subordinate to values or moral codes.

: Thats interesting - libertarians of the free-market persuasion also have those moral reasons - such as non aggression, negative liberty, individual sovereignty etc.

Although while I believe in these marketeer philosophical values EG one brand of individualism, neutral rather than possessive or republican, marketeers are unlikely to agree with my philosophical values EG republican/political individualism and solidarity.

I think economics is commonsense, Friedmann is not formally qualified in economics I believe (Friedmann has also been noted as saying there's far more room in the economy for the state than he first realised if I'm not wrong too) and the socialist authors I most appreciate have about the same learning in the matter, have you ever read "The economic horror"? An excellent critic of globalisation and the attempts to revive long dead marketeer liberalism by electricuting it with dowses "new" philosophy.

: : I mean if you want efficiency despotic government and dictatorship is the way to go, obediance brings victory as the facists used to say, but people in the west like civil liberties so business is stuck with hassle like free unions or freedom of speech (although as this site is testiment business tries to crush them both at given opportunities). Socialism may not be economically super efficient but it's freedom, who cares if it's slow.

: Its not the speed that bothers me about socialism - its the consequences of what actually happens when its implemented.

It's not the speed that bothers me about capitalism - it's the consequences of what actually happens when its's implemented.

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