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suspicion, what did I do to deserve it?

Posted by: Lark on October 29, 1999 at 11:37:32:

In Reply to: Hrrrmmmmm.....okay posted by MDG on October 28, 1999 at 15:54:04:

: Okay, I'm willing to shake hands and be friends. I have to ask you, though: were we not in ideological agreement, would you subject me to your poison keyboard?

Definetly not, although you maybe sceptical given the hatred I have expressed in other posts about the capitalist dogmatists, I'd like to see the prejudice and intolerance the characteruses politics die a death, if you look at the christian right etc. or the maoists their is a real hatred for opposition to their opinions and that isnt conducive to freedom or free politics at all, just uniform despotism.

: Are you a scientifically trained ecologist, or an amateur one (such as myself)? For what it's worth, I'm an environmental lawyer (I work for the environment, not for corporate polluters, I must stress).

I'm an eco-warrior.

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