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No thanks?

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on October 29, 1999 at 12:57:15:

In Reply to: Specious erudition? No thanks! posted by Barry Stoller on October 29, 1999 at 11:16:27:

: It's disappointing---and frustrating---that you simply will not admit what is obvious to anyone who has read Capital: you haven't read it.

It's disappointing---and frustrating---that you simply can not conceive that anyone could so much as turn the first page of 'capital' without being cleansed of 'heresy' and be from that day forth be a convert.

: It is glaringly obvious that you have not read what you criticize.

Whilst I'm happy to consider that you and various other socialists would have read it with closer scrutiny, youre jumping to a self conmforting conclusion.

: No one would have the audacity to refute the entire labor theory of value....

Having learned this first from Ricardo then by studying some works by other economists (probably the bad guys according to your ideology), then by looking at 'capital'. you seem unable to accept that I wasnt duly converted by marx - no doubt my mind is 'poisoned' by all those other economists.

: Everest is where you go to deny that you have been intellectually called out as a poseur.

I do enjoy it when you refer to that post - you still have no sense of it do you? Shooting yourself in the foot again.

: I admire that you want to be able to criticize Marx intelligently. But you need to do the work first.

Well thats something - but you need to appreciate that 'doing the work' means reading more than just Marx - and that is why it seems so unpalatable / impure to you.

: I know you must have the last word, so have at it. But your last word will be spoken in silence.

I dont really care about 'last words' but I will respond as and when *I* want to without feeling pressured into not doing so by attempts to 'predict' me. And you will check this post out - even if you dont return to debate

- a final word, happy travels wherever you go to.

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