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Nope, a job is a Blessing.

Posted by: Frenchy on October 29, 1999 at 17:14:08:

In Reply to: Starving is a Blessing? posted by Quincunx on October 29, 1999 at 10:56:17:

: B: : Speaking of overstatement, Stuart, how about your great one-liner about what a blessing it is to starve in order to appreciate a menial job? For the uninitiated, the quote is here.

: F: You may not think that there is any truth to be drawn from that statement. Ask anyone who lived through the depression what they thought of a job, any job. Of course that would be an anecdote, merely one persons personal experience, something that can be easily refuted through the magic of Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyite dialectic.

: Qx: If starving is a blessing then just assuming that anyone who lived through the 1930's Depression would consider starving to be a blessing is would be rapturous ansd ecstatic. Of course Frenchy is going to blame "the magic of Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyite dialectic" for easily refuting this assumption that he and Stu love to bandy about.

: I wonder if Frenchy even knows what a dialectic is. I wonder if he even knows labor history from that era either. I kind of doubt it but it's good to have ignorant pro-capitalists here. They can exhibit the worst and most ignorant ideas in pro-capitalist thinking and readers who happen to have a conscience actually can learn more by reading the threads in this debating room.

Did I say that starving was a blessing? Is that what I said? Or is this another attempt to paint the sort of picture that you want to of what a 'capitalist' is, in your mind?
You and others like you deliberatly distort what I and others say, then you cry about how 'capitalists' are sending this debate into a 'mad bastard dive'.
Do you know anyone who lived during the Great Depression? Have you talked with anyone from that era?

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