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So much for Kropotkin and Machkno.

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on October 31, 1999 at 17:51:54:

In Reply to: I finally have an anecdote to share posted by Barry Stoller on October 28, 1999 at 18:39:39:

You are very much correct. Annoying and spurious diatribes directed at the person, rather than the issues, can be rather exasperating at times. Case in point:

: DC: I'm a Republican, not a fascist. Although many may find the two synonymous, that is not in fact the case. I am not in the habit of deleting unpleasant information or facts in the presentation of my case; like missing jigsaw puzzle pieces, the glaring holes they leave are inevitably uncovered.

: Qx: Yeah right. Keeping a pseudo-conservative angle on the presentation of your cases is exactly the result deleting unpleasant information or facts in the presentation of your cases. Whether or not you like it the fact remains that Republicans prusue cororatists ideal and Mussolini was explicitly corporatist. Generally, the Republicans know better than to wear uniforms and instead wear suits.

The first statement is in direct contradiction to the obvious facts. The subsequent declarations simply have no relevance. Quite typical, from those of a specific political persuasion. And again:

: DC: In any case, I would hardly constitute it as an 'antidote'. Note the dates of Chomsky's more unequivocating statements.

: Qx: You've been sucked in by a bunch of spin doctors who have to perpetuate an industry (mainstream media) designed to legitimize the power of the rich, ruling elites. Get used to it.

The notation apparently was not made (Chomsky’s virulent attacks on the Khmer Rouge started in 1979 - apparently his verbal offensive corresponded most fortuitously with the more conventional attacks of the NVA). Instead, I have been told that I have been taken in by a ‘bunch of spin doctors’. One would presume the undergraduate student at Berkeley is in league with these devils.

Closer to home:

: If you want to discuss a leftist that was truly a decent man, why not discuss Kropotkin? If you really believe in a decentralized state, why not mention Machkno? Or is holding to the party line so important that you can't even make an honest fight of it?
Stoller:"Trotsky wasn't the party line! He was killed because he criticized it!
He was also killed because he believed---as all Marxists do---that intellectual work and physical work should be equally shared by all people in society---an idea ardently opposed by Stalin.
Think about that, defenders of the social division of labor!"

So much for Kropotkin and Machkno.

We are still waiting to find out what the Social Revolutionaries and Ukrainian anarchists died for. Or, for that matter, the Poles - speaking, of course, for those ‘reactionaries’ who resisted the Trotsky engineered offensive of 1920. Remember? The Miracle of the Vistula?

Or would these also be nothing more than frivolous ‘cards’?

Dr. "Exploit Me" Cruel

P.S. If you are 'out of here', it is likely in the dead run of retreat.

Enjoy your stay in Mexico, comrade. And when your 'friends' stop over, don't forget to check them for icepicks.

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