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The Rich vs. The Socialists

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on October 31, 1999 at 17:59:13:

In Reply to: Yup! posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on October 28, 1999 at 12:08:46:

Rich: Through a 'class system' trick workers (by paying them) into making things I want to buy. Thus perpetuating the vicious cycle.

Socialists: Through a 'party system' liberate workers (by shooting their employers, or them) and then 'convince' them into making things I would rather let pass. Thus breaking the vicious cycle, bringing us ever closer to a less populated, slower-paced Luddite utopia.

The Rich: When they want something, they buy it. Sometimes, that means bribery and economic coersion.

The Socialists: When they want something, it is scientifically provable to be in the 'interests of the people'. They are thus free to use whatever means is at hand to get it from me, including torture and murder.

The Rich: They don't care about me. If my labor is profitable, they'll pay me for it; if not, I could starve to death fro all they'd care ...

The Socialists: They are very interested in me. My labor belongs to the people, and they'll find a use for it - if they have to beat the profit out of my malingering hide.

The Rich: More or less leave me alone. They'd rather I not disturb the enjoyment of their wealth.

The Socialists: Work hard to involve themselves in every aspect and facet of my life. Are constantly in my business, and in the business of others I care about.

The Rich: Get that way because I buy what they make. They go away when I tire of their trifles.

The Socialists: Get what they have because the army supports them. They go away when the economy gets too poor to pay for the troops that enforce their 'benevolence'.

I could go on, but frankly, my fingers are getting tired, and I want to get to Burger King before it closes ...

Dr. "Whatever" Cruel

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