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How will capitalism fall?

Posted by: Viveka ( Ananda Seva, Poland ) on October 31, 1999 at 18:04:13:

Q: How will capitalism fall and how soon?

There was once a man who not knowing the course of history
decided he would like to know events before they occurred. So he
took up the study of astrology. He studied the influence of heavenly bodies upon the course of events and came to glean some
understanding of the course of future events. Now there are many who try to see what will be before it occurs. Some are accurate, some are partially astute, and others are clearly incorrect. Time itself must pass to know the actual truth.
In this world today, there are many forces which are straining the
very fabric of the human society. They are pulling at its weave, straining and testing its strength. A day may come when the strain of these factors becomes so overwhelming, so excessive, that the fabric of the society can no longer withstand the excessive pull and the very strands which hold it together are torn apart. If this occurs the entire fabric of the social structure in the capitalist countries will unravel. A great depression will immobilize the society, and the mighty institutions of capitalist power will tumble to their doom amid catastrophe. There will be a devastating decline in the existing social structure. Existing institutions which support the society will no longer be able to produce the desired outcome. When it snaps, the unraveling will take place. It is a serious matter. If sufficient progress can be made in the psychic and spiritual realms, this
disaster may be lessened; the impact on human beings may be less
devastating. But the capitalist institutions must fall and will. This may take place sooner than many would hope. So prepare yourself, not by the hoarding of physical wealth; it will mean nothing. The only preparation comes in the psychic and spiritual realms. Physical welfare will be maintained, do not worry. But the fabric of society will be unraveled, and a new order must come to be established. Such a time is not without hardships, but it will not be of global proportions. It will not be the devastation which will come some years later. So do not fear the downfall of capitalism. It is inevitable.

Q: How can we help in this situation?

New thought, new ideas, the implementation of Proutist
theories, the development of alternative communities and similar
efforts will all be helpful so as to give new direction when old
ways no longer serve. It will come in its own time as a matter of
economic imbalance and will affect the entire global economy. It
will fall in a day.

Q: How will it fall?

Those who live by the sword must die by it. It will fall by
its own inherent flaw. It is based on greed. So it will be destroyed by
excessive economic expansion. The human heart cannot be contained within the walls of materialism. The human spirit cannot be confined by the small sentiments of capitalism. It is bound to break free. It yearns to do so. This force will cause the transformation, and the greed of old institutions will cause their downfall. The children of the new era will not walk in a world where greed and fear confine their spirits. Nothing can stop this change; it is the human spirit which brings it about.

Intuitionally received by Maetreyii Nolan, Dec. 27, 1993

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