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Posted by: Cyndi Lee on October 31, 1999 at 18:12:08:

In Reply to: June the 18th fallout posted by Gee on October 29, 1999 at 17:15:43:

From the Yahoo article:

: The disturbances, which took place on June 18 this year, flared after a peaceful demonstration had been organised via the Internet in protest against capitalism.

It's OK for the bourgeois to use force (American Revolution, American Civil War, numerous offensives against Central America, etc., etc.)---but when ANYBODY ELSE does, it's a crying shame and an outrage to moral decorum, isn't it?

: Detective Inspector Kieron Sharp of City of London Police said: "We are now able to have direct access into thousands of offices and homes throughout the country and appeal for assistance directly to the public."

Next stop---1984!

: The demonstration, which had been peaceful for most of the day and took place in other major cities around the world, is estimated to have caused 2 million of damage to buildings in London.

: It is rumoured that another demonstration is being organised for November 30.

What---not November 17th?

Anyway---I'm THERE!

McSpotlight: It's also worth noting (speaking as an eye-witness) that violence started when the police (who had maintained a heavy presence throughout the day) ran a protestor down with a riot van (see a picture here); breaking her thigh and causing abdominal injuries; then prevented an ambulance getting to the injured woman for 25 minutes on the grounds that the protestors constituted a danger to the safety of the ambulance crew. After that sort of act, it's hardly surprising things turned ugly, is it?

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