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Final scores! Read all about it!

Posted by: Frenchy on October 31, 1999 at 18:24:59:

A new book has been published in France by 11 historians covering the history of Communism. Some of the historians are themselves former Maoists and Trotskyites, also other stripes as well.
The name of the book is "the Black Book of Communism", 848 pp.
Final scores; China; 65 Million dead in the name of the worker's paradise. Russia; 20 Million. N. Korea; 2 Million. Cambodia; 2 Million. Africa; 1.5 Million. Viet-Nam; 1 Million. E. Europe; 1 Million. Latin America; 150,000 Thousand.

Let me get my calcualator....yes,....and carry a two....yessssss,..yessss, hold on guys, I'm not a computer wizard! O.K., where was I? Ah, yessss,..................Here ya go.
And the Grand Prize for paving the road to hell with good intentions goes to...(drum roll please)...COMMUNIST CHINA!

Congratulations, all you wonderful Maoists! 20 Million dead! Your particular brand of the worker's paradise has proven to be the most efficient in leading the masses to a bright new future! And it must be remembered that you began with a forty year handicap. But given your long and illustrious history with despots this shouldn't be particularly surprising.
Yes, once again let us recognize the great accomplishment of Marxism and it's applied principles.

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